Sickle Cell and your Baby

SCD occurs among about 1 out of every 365 African American births and about 1 in 13 African American babies are born with the sickle cell trait.

Why Adopt?

Adoption helps many childless couples fulfill their parental ambitions and gives many abandoned children the opportunity to be raised in stable, supportive, and financially secure homes.

Disparities Facing Black Disabled Mom’s.

Black disabled mothers are all too often erased from motherhood. Worse, their parental rights and…

What You Need To Know about Black Maternal Mortality.

Overall pregnancy related mortality in the United States occurs at an average rate of 17.2 deaths per 100,000 live births. However, that number jumps to 43.5/100,000 for Black women…

What Happened to my Organs?! What no one tells you about carrying a child.

The human body is truly amazing. A lot will happen to your body throughout pregnancy. Over the stretch of 40 weeks, your heart pumps harder. Your Breasts also get bigger, and your organs are squashed as your body makes room to carry your baby. This means more than just a baby bump; your entire anatomy has to make room.

Bringing Baby Home. A guide into how to best prepare for your newborn.

Whether your baby comes home from the hospital right away, arrives later (perhaps after a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit), or comes through an adoption agency, the homecoming of your little one is a major event you’ve probably often imagined. A little planning up front can help smooth the transition and calm the nerves of anxious parents.

Embracing Motherhood; what to expect when you’re expecting

Pregnancy is an exciting time of big life changes, new experiences, and the glow of new life. It’s also a time when your body goes through lots of transformations. Don’t be alarmed. Your body is preparing to carry your baby and its important to have an idea of what to expect.

10 Self Care tips for the new Mom

New moms always think “I don’t have time for self-care” but it comes easier as you include small acts of self-love into your everyday routine. Getting a little personal TLC doesn’t make you a bad mom, okay?

Becoming Pregnant While on Birth Control

What? How could this happen?! Are some of the familiar exclamations from women when they…

Episiotomies: What are they? Benefits and Drawbacks

What’s an Episiotomy? An episiotomy is a surgical incision made in the perineum — the…

Same-sex Couples and Adoption

Same-sex couples are raising more adopted children than heterosexual couples, in the United States. Studies…

What happened to my organs? The things no one tells you about carrying a child

Pregnancy does all kinds of things to a woman’s body, and some of them —…